The East Lincoln Optimist Club is a voluntary organization of civic-minded men and women banded together for to provide sports programs and activities for Youth in the East Lincoln community in Denver NC.

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The East Lincoln Optimist Club Girls Fastpitch Softball Teams follow the age groups provided by Little League Softball


Spring - Fall 2022:  Your athlete's age as of January 1st of the current year is the playing age.


Tee Ball (see baseball)

8U - Minor League Softball Division - league ages 6-8 eligible (advanced 5's)

10U - Minor League Softball Division - league ages 9-10 eligible

12U - Majors Softball Division - league ages 11-12 eligible (advanced 10's)

14U - Juniors Softball Division - leage age 13-14 eligible (likely competing in Seniors Division)

16U - Senior League Softball Division - league ages 15-16 eligible


Playing up or down an age-group

No athlete can play down an age-group. 

There may be occasion where a parent requests that an athlete play up an age-group.  While this is discouraged, the skills of the athlete may be strong enough to support the move.  However, the following conditions must be met and evaluated each season:

  1. Decision to move up will be up to the Commissioner.  
  2. The registrations must support the age the kid is wanting to move to, and the age they are moving form.   We will not waitlist kids of the correct age to allow younger kids to play up.   We need balanced age groups.  
  3. The athlete must attend the skills assessment for the age-group they are looking to play in. 
  4. All coaches for that age-group must agree that the skills of that athlete are strong enough that it would be safe for the athlete to play up
  5. If the skills of the athlete are deemed to not be equal to that of the age-group, the athlete will be placed on a team in their actual age-group.
  6. No refunds will be issued if the parent or athlete decides not to play in their own age group