The East Lincoln Optimist Club is a voluntary organization of civic-minded men and women banded together for to provide sports programs and activities for Youth in the East Lincoln community in Denver NC.

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Welcome to ELOC Cal Ripken Rookie League Baseball!

Recommended for ballplayers ages 7-8, as of April 30, 2024.


For more information please contact:

Glenn Dildy



Fall Ball Basesball Registration is Not Open

Please Do Not Wait to Sign Up, as we have set limits in each League.

There are No Guarantees of a Team for Late or Waitlisted Registrations OR once teams have reached the max players allowed.


Player Registration Link


Coach Registration Link


We are always looking for coaches.

Please email   for more information.





Spring 2023 - Playoff Bracket


Congratualtions to our Spring 20023 Winners!


Spring Champions: Dodgers

Spring Runner Up: Pirates




Spring 2023 – 7U/8U ELOC Baseball Call Ripken All-Star Team Tryout

Tryout Registration is Open

Player Registration Link

Registration Closes on April 1st. 

Tryout will be held on Sunday, April 2nd at 2 PM on Field 4.

Must be registered to tryout. 



Spring Ball Basesball Registration is Closed

Please Do Not Wait to Sign Up, as we have set limits in each League.

There are No Guarantees of a Team for Late or Waitlisted Registrations OR once teams have reached the max players allowed.


Player Registration Link


Coach Registration Link


We are always looking for coaches.

Please email   for more information.



Important Season Season Dates

January 15th:  Registrations Open

February 23th: Late Fees Begin ($25)

March 2nd: Registrations Close

March 4th: Assessments (Times TBD)

March 6th:  Practices Start

TBD:  Games Start

Location: 8U Rookies ELOC Field #4; 10U Minors ELOC Field #2; 12U Majors ELOC Field #2




ELOC Rookie League (Machine Pitch) Information:
DO NOT WAIT TO REGISTER - Throughout the registration process I will monitor the number of players registered, I will then chose coaches for teams based on those numbers.  This process works best if players are registered early in the process so that we have a much better idea the amount of coaches and teams we will need, if players show up to assessments and/or sign up after that date there as no assurances you will get on a team.  The goal is to have no more than 11 players per team and once teams are full we will have a waiting list.  I try to account for a few late sign ups but it's a moving target so I encourage everyone to get registered if you plan to play as soon as you can.
Players Playing UP or DOWN - Age limits are in place for the safety of all players, for this reason the registrations are set up for specific ages.  If a parent is requesting their child play UP a league they need to complete the following...
1. Submit in writing by email to the League President  the following info; players name, players date of birth, reason why they should be considered a candidate to play up and a recommendation from previous coach. 
2. In this rare instance the League President (not coaches) must approve the player to be attend the MP player assessments & attending this the assessment is a must!  Your player will be signed up in the system by the League President and payment will be expected once league is determined.
3. If your player is approved to attend assessments the League President along with the coaches will make the final decision if they are ready for the Machine Pitch League or not.  This will be a final call on the matter. 
There is no guarantee that a player under the age limit will have a spot on a Machine Pitch Team. We have to fill the league with "of age" players first and foremost. If slots remain, the most qualified players will be allowed to play up. We cannot crowd the league for the sake of having players moving up early.
The bottom line is your player must currently be a stand-out player for their age group to even be approved to attend assessments, then from there the assessment becomes a tryout.  Due the the growing number of families requesting to play up and how this has affected the experience of the 8 year old players in recent seasons it has become much harder to assess in the league.  If this process carries even a potential issue for disappointment for your family and/or player then keep them with their age group to avoid any issues.  Per the registration agreements a League President can request to see a birth certificate at any time, giving false information during this time can result in family not being able to play at all at ELOC.  Playing DOWN is not going to be allowed unless there is a significant developmental issue with the player and will also need approvals from League Presidents.  There are new players at every age group so playing down means they could be playing against a player almost 3 years younger which is a safety issue.  Playing down simply for experience against much younger kids is unfair to the younger players coming up and will not be approved.

Registration Requests & League Draft - This league's teams are set by a true draft of the players signed up to play. Coaches can reserve their player(s) and a player(s) of two assistant coaches to start with 3 players for their team. The remainder of the team is set by a draft when it is their turn to select. The goal of the draft is to create as fair of teams as possible. With that being said requests made during registration are extremely difficult to accommodate for this age group. Siblings will be placed on the same team. Requests will be shown to the coaches at the draft, but it is possible that coach may not have the opportunity to draft said player to fulfull the request. Once the draft is completed the teams will be final as uniforms will be ordered that evening. If you want to be paired with a specific coach, we would recommend volunteering to be an assistant coach.
Assessments - Every registered player is EXPECTED to attend assessments, if at all possible. Assessments are essential as each player is given a score based upon their ability. These scores are used to draft teams that are equal and fair, based upon the reflected values. If a player does not attend the assessment they will likely randomly be placed on a team when the draft is conducted. Being eligible for the draft (attending assessment) provides a much higher likelihood of fair teams, and increases your chance of being drafted by a team or coach you hope to have.
Equipment Needs & Helmets - Each player will need a Glove, Cleats & Athletic Supporter (Cup). Each player will also need to purchase their own Helmet with Face Mask so we can limit the sharing of equipment as much as possible, teams will be issued very few helmets for this reason.  Bats for this age group must comply with USA Baseball requirements and can have a maximum barrel size of 2 5/8".  There are no length restrictions.
Practice & Game Schedule - Machine Pitch is truly a step up in expectations and commitment from our T-ball League. During the season, you can expect your player to be on the field 3-4 times a week. Before the games begin, you will have a practice on weeknight and on Saturday each week. Once games begin, you can expect a game on a week night, a practice another night, and a Saturday game. Coaches will have discretion over not having a practice or adding practices as they see fit. We aim to have an even number of teams so that all teams follow a typical schedule of playing during the week and each Saturday. Sundays would only be used in the event of a rash of rainouts. Game and practice times and days will vary from week to week within the season, but most activities will be concluded before 8:00 pm for this age group!
Seasons - Spring season registrations will be available online on in January and the season will start March and around when school ends.
The Fall season registrations will be available online in July and the season will start Mid-August and end by mid November.
Coaching Volunteers - WE NEED COACHES! Teams would not exist if it wasn't for volunteers stepping up to coach.  My goal is to have the best possible coaches for teams, I will do my best to work around schedules to do this.  All those hoping to coach must complete the coaches application each season through the registration system.  If the league president finds a team in need of a coach for you and contacts you about taking a team then two other things will be required; Head Coaches must be Babe Ruth Certified ($20 cost).  To become certified please visit (the advanced class is not required).  A background check must be completed for all coaches, they are good for 2 years so returning coaches can just verify they are still valid.  The directions to complete this can be found on "Documents Tab" then to "Coaches Background Check."  Notify the League President once all requirements are complete!
Participation & Volunteering - As I stated earlier, this league is run by volunteers. If you have a talent that does not include throwing or catching a baseball or even a like for the sport there still might be a way for you to help volunteer you time to the league and/or team. I look a this as very simple, if you want to see change then be a part of the change! That is exactly what I am doing and I encourage everyone to get involved in their players league to make it better!
Please take note of the sizing for your player. Once we have placed the uniform order, we cannot make any changes:
Shirt Sizing for registration:
The Shirts Run Small (If you normally wear an XL you will want to order a 2 XL for sure)

Pants sizing chart for registration:

The Pants run Big! This probably the largest complaint we have, but the pants do run very big compared to normal sizing.


Youth XS S M L XL
Waist 20-22 22-24 24-26 26-28 28-30
Inseam 26 27 28 29 30
Adult S M L XL XXL
Waist 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46
Inseam 30 31 32 33 34



Congratualtions to our Fall 2022 Winners!


Fall Champions: Phillies


Fall Runner Up: Red Sox




Congratualtions to our Spring 2022 Winners!


Spring Champions: Athletics


Spring Runner Up: Phillies